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What Makes Me Different from Other Organizers...

I'm not your typical Type-A 'neat freak.' I'm not interested in tidying up, buying a bunch of crappy containers or folding underwear into origami. I work with busy families and professionals looking to simplify. I help people focus on what matters most: who we love, what we do, how, and why we live...because everything else is just stuff. I use a proven-effective holistic approach to clearing out, cleaning up, getting organized, and designing gorgeous interiors and streamlined systems that inspire long-lasting results. I help people connect the dots between their stuff and the impact those things have on a global scale.

Hands-On & Onsite De-Cluttering + Tele/Video Coaching

People call me when they feel overwhelmed and stuck. I think this process should be fast, easy, affordable, and FUN. So, the first step in my 3-Step Method is S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y. Let's take the stress out of this process and just keep things simple. I spend a lot of time in Step 1 helping people to purge the stuff they just don't need. The clutter, all that excess, is the stuff that's holding us back and preventing us from living life -- unencumbered. Step 1 is all about removing the excess in order to create space for our lives. I always help my clients to look for local grassroots opportunities to purge the excess responsibly and philanthropically.  

Organizational Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Life

When I ask my clients to describe their 'ideal vision,' I always get the exact same answer: "Organized." After we purge the excess, we focus on getting clarity about the essentials -- and that means getting organized. Step 2 is all about creating intuitive systems for finding things quickly and putting them away conveniently. The easier our systems, the more likely we'll enjoy long-lasting results. Using my 4 Rules of Organization, we discover a whole new level of clarity on how to manage our stuff, our time, our priorities, and the relationships that matter most. Getting organized is all about creating simple, intuitive, inspiring systems.

Intentional Interior Design to Inspire Long-Term Results


Prolonging great results is all about one thing: maintenance. In order to want to keep things exactly the way we love them requires a little inspiration. Step 3 is all about getting inspired. When we design gorgeous interiors that bring our spaces to life with style and vibrancy, we feel pride and a sense of serenity that comes with clean, clear, clutter-free, organized spaces. Hopefully, it's enough to make us a little finicky about keeping things just the way we like them. I call this the 'Inspiration Triangle'. Staying inspired to maintain exceptional results requires two prerequisites: ownership and accountability. With both ownership and accountability, maintenance no longer feels like work and long-lasting results are inevitable.

Comprehensive Executive Services for Home & Office

Working as a 'holistic organizer' with a Master's degree focused in Experiential Education and Curriculum Development, I offer a full suite of custom concierge services designed to help families and professionals to live more intentionally, work more efficiently, and master daily life challenges with grace and ease. My services include: operational systems; time and task management; career, business and board development; program development; copy writing; marketing; professional networking; human resources management; events; special projects; personal assistance; sober living, relationship and parent coaching; & much more. 

Career, Startup, Program & Curriculum Consulting

Your business starts with an idea. Simple. Practical. Important. But somehow, somewhere along the line, your purpose gets foggy. I help professionals manifest dream jobs and design programs that make a difference. My work has helped countless individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to succeed in realizing their mission with style. Most people know me as a professional organizer, but I also hold a Master's degree in Curriculum Development and Experiential Education. As an entrepreneur, I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and organizations share their great ideas and I've been doing it for 20 years.    LEARN MORE >

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