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Evan, you have exceeded my expectations. 

Eaden Shantay, Developer | Co-Founder True Nature

Denise Latousek

Founder & CEO, Burn Fitness Studio | Basalt, CO

Intentional Solutions is the real deal. Evan’s practical strategies have transformed my home, my business, and my life. You won’t find comprehensive services this good anywhere. The best investment I’ve made.

Tripp Adams

President & CEO, True North Management | Aspen, CO

When it comes to business development and communications, Evan understands the big picture. He lays it out in a crystal clear, concise message that inspires peak performance. I consider Evan a part of my team and highly recommend his services.

Deva Shantay

Co-Founder, True Nature Healing Arts | Carbondale, CO

Once we saw what Evan could do, it wasn’t long before we invited him to work his magic at our business. Evan’s mastery of organization and effective systems has transformed our operation. We’re hooked. Evan is an absolute joy.

Lexie Potamkin

Former Miss World-USA, Author & Human Rights Activist | Aspen, CO

Evan has become an invaluable resource. Highly recommended!

Sarah Kelly

Program Director, English In Action | Carbondale, CO

Evan is very good at what he does. He empowers you to take control and move forward. Evan is fast, efficient, professional and compassionate. He helped me prioritize and clear my space to make room for the more important things in my life.

Heather Morgan

CEO, Morgan Holistic Health & Body Talk Radio | Sonoma, CA

Evan created the program that I recently used for getting rid of clutter and organizing. As many of you know, it has had a profound impact on my productivity, and my life. He is the media’s go to guy on the subject of organizing and clearing your clutter. Its the perfect way to start the year!

Simi Hamilton

US Olympic Ski Team | Aspen, CO

Evan’s teaching, philosophy on life, love for all people and all environments – his excitement for educating and learning inspired me to think as an individual and commit myself 100% to the things and people that I care about.

Elinor Fish

CEO, Run Wild Retreats | Former Managing Editor of Trail Runner Magazine

That one meeting has launched me onto the path I knew I wanted to be on! Thanks, Evan!

Cindy Kahn

Executive Director, Manaus | Carbondale, CO

Evan’s effective method and cool under pressure made all the difference. He has become a trusted friend of the family, and we are delighted to have his expertise and motivational sense of humor in our home. He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset.

Robin Smith Camarote

Contributing Blogger for Inc. & Bloomberg Government | Falls Church, VA

Evan’s program is practical and empowering. His approach just works and is made better with his consistent kindness and encouragement.

Beth Shoemaker

Founder, Beth Hahn Coaching & Leadership Development | Carbondale, CO

Evan gave me the tools and inspiration to tackle the nagging projects and clutter. He was highly efficient, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I highly recommend Evan to anyone who needs help purging and organizing.

Frankie Grundler & Miriam Meima

2M Coaching & Consulting | Maui, HI

Evan transformed the way my wife and I look at clutter in all areas of our life. We are part of the revolution!

Pat Girardot

Retired | Glenwood Springs, CO

My back room was so cluttered and disorganized that I could barely walk in, much less find anything! Evan helped me sort, make decisions, organize, and make use of limited storage space. Thank you, Evan!

Johann Aberger

​Associate Professor & Director of Outdoor Education | Roaring Fork Campus, Colorado Mountain College

My work with Evan was critical to help me prepare for a series of rigorous job interviews. Evan’s coaching was constructive, honest, and of incredible value. With Evan's support I was well-prepared to navigate this career transition. I'm pleased to say I got my dream job and couldn't be happier with Evan's services. Highly recommended.

Kassie Stevens

MSW, J.D. | Bangor, ME

Thank you for professing the simple, yet obvious truth: The world is not “better” because I refuse to part with “stuff.” The world is better when I am able to bring my best self, devoid of the pressure at home, under the burden of stuff.

Sophie Schlumberger

Carbondale, CO

Evan helped me to make sense of it all. Together, we went through everything and prioritized what to keep, toss, recycle, give away and store. Now, my beautiful, organized office has a floor, cleared shelves and a functional desk!

Doug Leibinger

Broker, Compass Real Estate | Aspen, CO

I highly recommend Evan for his reliable executive assistance, innovative project management consulting, and talent for working with personnel. (Top 250 U.S. Brokers, Wall Street Journal)

Ayana Pevec Brown

LPN | Carbondale, CO

After downsizing homes with 3 kids and all their stuff, we have been challenged to make it all fit. Turns out, we don’t have to! It’s a glorious feeling to get rid of stuff.  Thank you for helping us with this process. Our home feels like it belongs to us again!

Dr. Vijaya Nair, MD, FAMS, MS

CEO, Jiva Essence of Life, Inc. | Bedford, NY

Evan’s work is so critical to the world right now. His timely message delivers with sincerity and precision. Time spent with Evan is compelling and transformative.

Kevin Pugh

Dean of School Culture, Flagstaff Academy | Longmont, CO

The impact Evan had on my family and I was positive and lasting. Anyone could have come into our home and easily seen that we were drowning in stuff, but it was his unique skill and understanding that led us towards simple and effective solutions.

Jody Wilson

President, Board of Directors | Carbondale, CO

With an eye on our mission and a solid foundation in the strategic planning process, Evan helped focus our conversation while helping us to answer the tough questions with practical, targeted solutions. Our board walked away with clarity of vision and a fresh perspective on effective implementation. Evan exceeded expectations.

Josh Davis

Broadway Actor, Executive Producer | Manhattan, NY

I live in NYC. Space is the issue. I recently had a 2 hour online Skype session with Evan. He has a simple plan and it works.

Rebecca Bier-Moebius

Carbondale, CO

With four young kids, a ranch and a relentless schedule, Evan was just what I needed to feel like I was in control again. He helped me implement simple systems to manage my time, streamline my files, and organize my kids’ spaces. I know we will be using him again. I could not recommend Intentional Solutions more highly.

Jan Krische

Amazon 5-Star Review (Verified Purchase)

I expected constructive advice. I expected an organized program. What I didn’t expect was a book with the readability of a well-written novel, with the wisdom of a philosophical treatise, with the depth and insight of a spiritual tome. This book is not just about organizing your home, simplifying your life and enhancing your space–it’s literally about keeping the planet habitable for humans.

Houston Cowan

Co-Founder & CEO, Challenge Aspen International | Snowmass, CO

Evan came to us with a local reputation as an accomplished manager of the program departments of two other local non-profit organizations, whose program successes were largely attributed to Evan's innovation, talent for organizational leadership and proven team-oriented management style.

Janne Read-Berrson

Amazon 5-Star Review (Verified Purchase)

Over the past year or so I have picked up a few of the many books available about decluttering, but none of them spoke to me as this one did. Evan’s advice is simple, practical, compassionate and inspiring. It is beautifully written and really makes you think about what is important in your life and what steps you can take to improve the quality of your own life and of those around you. I know I will come back to this book again and again. I loved it.

Rick Carlson

VP Sales, Verific, Inc.

I had the pleasure to introduce Evan Zislis as a speaker this morning. His speaking skills are amazing. He is engaging, charismatic, confident, inspiring and very passionate. His knowledge of the topic was extraordinary, but it was his ability to connect intimately with his audience that is a rare thing in the speaking world. Authenticity is hard to come by these days, but Evan is as authentic a person as you will ever meet.

Angela Varnum

Board of Directors | Equitarian Initiative

Evan is highly intuitive and personalized his message to our nonprofit organization with ease. His inspirational style was blended with very concrete, specific recommendations for great results.

Kristen Wilmes

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity | Roaring Fork Valley, CO

Evan's natural talent for organization, precision and developing efficient systems helped dramatically improve our customer focused ReStore operation; showing noticeable improvement almost immediately to our customers and volunteers while providing desired sales and organizational outcomes, month after month. Evan is able to navigate complex events and organize the collective effort with tangible results.


Retired Teacher | Punta Gorda, Florida

If you had told me some guy in Colorado could help me clean up my house over the telephone, I would have thought you were crazy. CFR Academy didn’t just help me clean up; this is probably the most organized I’ve ever been! As a retired school teacher, my entire home now feels lighter, more inviting, more accessible, more productive, and infinitely more relaxing. Evan’s instruction is so straight-forward and easy to implement. The comprehensive program provides the materials, inspiration, and support to maintain results long after it ends. My home is transformed and I feel great! This is the retirement I had in mind! A life-changing investment — thank you, Evan!

Linda Pascoe

After so many years of avoiding our stuffed spaces, we now enjoy every room of the house. Evan personalized his instruction just for my family, helping us to work through the challenges of our unique home. Remarkably, we came to cherish our weekly conversations with Evan, finding his reassuring guidance both informative and inspiring. For fast, effective, long-lasting results, read the book and join the Academy. You’ll be so glad you did!

Abby Sayers

Writer | Columbia Station, OH

I loved the book ClutterFree Revolution, but I flat-out told Evan I didn’t believe a phone-based curriculum could get results. He literally dared me to try his program. Honestly, I was shocked! Not only was my home transformed, my whole life got a make-over! Evan takes the philosophy of less stuff, more life and applies it to every room of the house. With every new assignment, I could feel myself shifting to a paradigm that values a lean, nimble lifestyle. Evan was so supportive and explained things so well. He had a way of always making me feel at ease, even when things got a little frustrating. With so much room to breathe, I got organized and started working on my own new business. Now I recommend Evan’s program to everyone I know. Highly recommended!

Marti & Chuck Bauer | Moab, UT

We wanted to take our rental property to the next level. Evan helped us prioritize our punch list, streamline our systems and re-brand our marketing. Thanks to Evan, we made a few interior upgrades, organized our spaces and recently listed our primary residence as an additional vacation property. We couldn't be happier with Evan's comprehensive services. From household and administrative organization to websites and business cards, Evan does it all! We especially recommend his bulk-hour packages for great value. We intend to use Evan for many years to come. Thank you!

John Wallace

Beekeeper | Elyria, OH

I was skeptical that anyone could do anything for me — much less over the phone. But in less than a few weeks, I began carefully scrutinizing every little thing. I no time, I couldn’t get rid of my junk fast enough. As a result, I’ve reconnected with my family. I’ve made room for the things that I want to do, and I use (and enjoy) the spaces of my home like never before. Evan helped me to see how much more meaningful life can be when we simplify our stuff and get organized. Clearing out and refreshing our home has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I’m a new man and less never looked so good.

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