• Evan Z.

Conspiracy Theory Monkey Twaddle

It’s apparent that the ‘powers that be’ are not telling us everything there is to know. Our history is filled with horrific examples of the depths to which humans will go to acquire and hold power over perceived competitors.

It is undeniable; our evolution as a species is squarely focused on the subjugation, eradication and domination of others. Those who serve as shepherds of integrity and kindness survive as beacons of hope and inspiration. But time and again, no matter the geo-political configuration, a self-righteous few rise to power by standing on the necks of others. From time to time, however, something inherently enduring in our DNA gives us pause and we surface – if only for a moment, to ask ‘How have we allowed it come to this?’

It is perfectly naïve to trust those with disproportionate power to self-regulate behind closed doors on behalf of the common good. The very nature of that type of power implies selfish gain at the expense of others. Are we too foolish to understand that those who seemingly have the most to lose are also the most reluctant to give up the status quo? It probably sounds like conspiracy-theory monkey twaddle, but corporate and political corruption is increasingly more difficult to deny – and its grim global effects are increasingly more difficult to ignore. So what, if anything, are we willing to do about it?

We could talk about the priority of a practical education for personal enrichment. We could talk about self-reliance and an individual’s civic responsibility to the common good. We could talk about lifestyles of self-preservation and living sustainably within micro-habitats and macro-ecosystems. We could talk about inclusive ideologies and social constructs proven to strategically repair harm and unite diverse communities. We could talk about practical matters like resource management, technology development and scientific exploration. We could talk about integrative holistic medicine, with an emphasis on health and wellness. We could talk about unalienable rights protecting those gifted with life and the ecosystems designed to sustain them. We could talk about viable food production and the health and environmental advantages of an organic, plant-based diet. We could talk about commerce and the merits of barter-based economies. We could talk – and talk. But what are we willing to do?

According to a May 31, 2013 CNBC report, the top 1% currently control over 39% of the world’s wealth – a number projected to surge exponentially every year.

With an ever-growing global population predicted by the United Nations to reach up to sixteen billion by the year 2100, most souls on the planet will increasingly feel the devastating impacts of covert domination and strategic neglect. The global Occupy Movement has become an international symbol of solidarity among those who would defend the assertion that life on this planet will not be dominated by 1% of its human inhabitants.

Assuming, it’s not too late, what are we willing to do to change the course of history? As we continue to learn the extent to which corporate and political corruption has usurped any sensible approach to sustainable leadership, perhaps now is the time to affirm what we are able to do, and begin to leverage our own sense of self-preservation with those willing to stand beside us.

What can be done right now? Buy local and organic as much as possible. Drive less. Exercise more. Use less electricity. Conserve water. Unplug your television. Share a book. Create something beautiful. Boycott GMOs. Choose happiness. Reject hate. Nurture love. Teach tolerance. Reach out. Barter your skills and your stuff. Focus on raising your kids with integrity and self-reliance. Tear up your grass and plant a vegetable garden. Stay involved with your local community. Believe that everything you do matters.

“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. And you get strawberries.” – Ron Finley

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