• Evan Z.

Seasonal Swap Out

Up here in Colorado’s High Rockies, we like to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

In the winter, it’s alpine and telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, ice-climbing, hockey, and fat-bike snow-biking. Add it up, and it’s a lot of stuff!

But in Aspen, we say our people “come for the winters and stay for the summers.” When the lifts close and we transition from mud season to summer, we get out on an entirely different set of gear.

On our world-class rivers, it’s kayaks, rafts, fly-fishing, and tubing. On our mountain passes, it’s hiking, rock climbing, road biking, cyclo-cross, and mountain biking. Throw in a long board, a little roller hockey gear, a set of golf clubs, backpacking equipment, and your car-camping kit — and the amount of space you’re taking up with this season’s toys gets pretty overwhelming.

All that stuff, those are the things we need to get out and play in one of the most spectacular places on Earth. We love all that stuff; we’re snobs about our gear.

It’s not clutter; it’s why we live here!

But keeping it all organized gets tricky. So, from an outdoor enthusiast and a professional organizer — working with some of the most prolific gear heads on the planet, here’s 5 tips to help you with this year’s seasonal swap-out.

  1. Big transparent bins with lids enable you to store “like things together” in one place with a label.

  2. If possible, find a bag, bin or container to fit all of one-kind-of-thing together in one place. For example: I have a hockey bin, a kayak bin, a backpacking bin, a ski bin, and a climbing bin. Everything is neatly stacked on customizable stainless steel storage shelves in my garage, clearly labeled so I can see what’s what and where everything is at-a-glance — without unstacking.

  3. Whenever possible, use drop-down storage racks to maximize the vertical storage space available.

  4. Get everything up off the floor. By intentionally designing your storage spaces with your stuff in mind, it will be infinitely easier to manage what you have access to, all year-round.

  5. Think ahead. Plan seasonal bins for winter coats, boots, ski pants, hats, gloves, helmets, etc. Separate out the stuff you want to consign and donate to local thrift stores. You’ll be ready in the fall when they start taking that inventory. I always keep bins for thrift and consignment, both for this season’s stuff and next season. (Incidentally, I hardly ever buy new stuff. Almost all of my gear is purchased second-hand, using my in-store credit from local consignment shops.)

With just a couple weeks left in our official ski season, it won’t be long until we’re strolling around in flip flops, throwing BBQ garden parties and sipping watermelon margaritas with the neighbors. Cheers to sunshine, warm breezes, and spending time with friends and family — where ever you are!

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