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Elevate Your Business with these 3 Target Talking Points

In business, if our work is anything, it should be honest. People should feel a depth of sincerity that resonates in their bones.

Musicians get this better than anyone. In just a few moments, a song can convey feeling, express emotion and communicate clarity with a universal power to open hearts and lift souls to new levels of inspiration. I think the magic formula for self-expression is good ol’ fashioned honesty, plain and simple.

When we apply this level of heart to how we communicate in our businesses, we create meaningful and lasting bonds between us and our clientele in ways that inspire purposeful action. Whatever our businesses may be (you fill in the blanks), these are the 3 target talking points we should always strive to integrate when we engage our people. The good news is that each talking point builds on the previous one, so there’s a rhythm and a flow that keeps this dialogue authentic and relatively simple.

When describing your business, stick to these 3 target talking points:

1. Commitment to Service

People who set out to make the world a better place are not in it for the money. The Dalai Llama is quoted as saying, “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” If we are to make profound impacts on the world and the people around us, we must learn to lead from a place of contribution in service to others. The money will come. But, whatever our creative construct, whatever we hope to share with the world, it is best received when it is conveyed through a sincere sense of gratitude and generosity.

2. Confidence in What We Provide

Confidence inspires confidence. No matter the content or context, you will find that confidence is contagious. While there exists a delicate balance between hubris and humility, when we isolate self-assurance amidst the noise, we are able to focus and concentrate with assertive grace and poise. When others see us moving through life (or business, or both) with confident composure, it models effective practice and gives them courage to take tangible steps on their own behalf. You will find that communicating confidence is often most effective when it is done quietly, sincerely, and in the context of service to others.

3. Conviction in its Universal Application

Great content is fun and can inspire others to purposeful action, but exceptional content is universal in its application. That means anyone – everyone can apply it with equal opportunity to realize remarkable results. Belief is a start, but only practical application will prove whether or not your goods and services hold potential value to the broader population. Test this by sampling the widest variety of potential users. Go far and wide as possible (the Internet is only the beginning). Sharing your wares with those outside your neighborhood will build your confidence over time. The stories you capture along the way will help convey the authenticity of your experience. The farther you go, the more confident you will become, and the more transparent your commitment in service to others.

Communicating with clarity to inspire your target market starts with honesty. Let people know you’re in business to serve others. Tell them you believe in it – that you’re confident it works and they’re going to love it. Reassure folks that you’ve tested it in a variety of places, under different circumstances. Honestly share the results of your findings. Speak from the heart. Speak with quiet truth and confident sincerity – like you know what you’re saying and you believe it with all your heart. Do that, and people will get the message loud and clear.

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